There are some users who have better things to do than read computer tips, but that habit can come back to bite them one day. Having some kind of knowledge is just good insurance when it comes to computers and machines, in general. So you can of course choose to ignore good information that may help you one day, or pay someone to keep your computer fixed and running well. Learning about computers is a process, and it will be ongoing and your experience will add to what you know. Do remember as you discover these computer tips that they will help you to understand even more concepts.

For PC users, look in the bottom and on the right, and some of those icons present are operating in what is called, the background.

IF you have noticed that your PC is running slower than usual, then that could be the problem – could be. However, if you have a stack of programs running in background, software you added yourself, then they can slow down computer speed. If you do not need them, then it is best to close them; just right click and hit close. You should know by now that you need to be very careful with security and your computer.

You can safely keep that on paper, and just refer to it and manually enter the data. It is very easy to pick-up a virus or other kind of malicious bot, and then that would not be good if your account information is accessible. Sure, a lot of people are crazy about convenience and such, but in the minds of many experts you never want important data stored on your computer. You also may be interested in a software that will keep your computer clean of sites you have visited and much more. Check out for more computer tips and tricks.

You should take one more step, even if you have been backing up your computer faithfully. Your digital receipts are important for anything you have purchased online, so are the logins you use, so get a USB thumb drive to put them on. Anything you have downloaded after buying online, such as software programs, needs to be kept. If anything happens to your download and you don’t have the receipt, you are kind of out of luck. To get a replacement if your computer crashes, you will need your receipt. Of course you will need to prove you bought it in the first place.

Any time you come across computer tips, it matters that the information is applicable to your machine and general software and hardware. If you have an interest in computers, then you will enjoy learning about what you can do. If you are not knowledgeable about computers, then just try to have an open mind on the subject.