Infrared Camera Options

A short wave infrared camera is basically a camera that works with the power of heat to capture high resolution images in a short wave infrared spectrum. This type of infrared technology has been around for a long time and has now found its way into compact cameras, handheld units, and even surveillance gear. In order to understand why this type of infrared technology, as well as laser beam profiling system, is still relevant today, you need to understand the basics behind this technology. Most infrared cameras are able to capture images at longer ranges due to their narrow frequency response which means they can only detect objects which are far away from the sensor.

SWIR Camera

The typical short wave infrared camera is more often used when you need an image from a distance which is at least five meters or so as the amount of infrared energy emitted by even a small object is greater. For instance, if you want to monitor someone’s activity in a room then you would use one of these types of cameras to do the job. Basically the reason behind this is because the human body emits high amounts of infrared energy when it sweats or otherwise becomes hot. Now this infrared energy cannot escape from the human body and instead is picked up by the near infrared camera’s sensors and converted into a digital signal that can be read by the computer.

Infrared Technology

This is the technology that allows near-infrared cameras to detect and capture heat sources that are out of the range of human eyes. When you have an object that emits infrared energy such as a human or animal then all you need to do is place the near infrared camera right next to it and the camera will detect it. Some models of near-infrared cameras have an auto focus feature which allows the camera to automatically focus on the target when you press the close button on the camera.