Why choose inflatables?

If you are looking for one more fun thing to have at your party, an inflatable could be the perfect solution. It may have a childish connotation behind it, but that’s not at all the case in reality! Inflatables are perfect for just about any outside get-together, any age group can have fun with them. Jump & Laugh is proud of their reputation as having the best customer service and equipment in the area, nothing but the best quality.

You can tell just how popular bounce houses are with the kids just by mentioning the idea of them, and seeing them light up with excitement. We ensure that all of our bounce houses are cleaned and sanitized for the safety of all that use them, we as a whole take safety extremely seriously. We have just about anything you’ll need to make your party a smash hit, from obstacle courses to popcorn machines.

Looking for inflatable rentals

Jump & Laugh offers a huge variety of rental options for your party, including inflatable bouncers, slides, moonwalks, obstacle courses, water parks, water slides, themed inflatables, and even more! Bounce houses are great entertainment for kids parties, they’re great to just set up and leave up all day long so kids can jump as they please! Jump & Laugh charges flat rates for the entire day, so you can jump from dawn to dusk with no worries about costing extra money for it. Combo units are great for the same reasons, your attendees can jump and slide at the same times!

Obstacle courses are great for anyone of any ages to compete, have fun, and get some energy out. They offer hours and hours of safe fun. If you’re outdoors or already having water activities waterslides are the perfect inflatable for anyone to have a fun wet and wild day with! They come in different sizes from 15 – 22 feet, so you can certainly find something that’ll fit your needs. If water is NOT involved, then dry slides could be perfect for your party. They’re easy to use, and very safe. Whatever your party may be or need, an inflatable is perfect for taking your party to the next level and offering your guests a great and memorable time!

More than inflatable rentals

They offer more than JUST inflatables rentals. They rent out many things that you’ll need to make your party a hit. At Jump & Laugh, they have a wide selection of inflatable games, including lots of basketball games, twister, giant darts, tic-tac-toe, and more! With our party rentals, guests of all ages will be able to test their skills and compete against their friends. Whether you’re hosting a birthday party, fun fair, or a church carnival, we’ve got the interactive inflatable rentals that will make your party one to remember. We are proud to provide exciting entertainment for our neighbors. Everyone likes some friendly competition, it’s a great way to foster friendships and just have a good time. We have more skill based games like basketball shooting and corn hole, and also more fun silly games like connect four basketball and giant inflatable darts. We even rent out outdoor movie screens so after all the fun has winded down, you can throw on a movie that everyone enjoys and have a good time relaxing and taking in the fun day that you just had together.

They also offer concession machine rentals for popcorn and cotton candy, so you can have lots of sweet treats to serve all your tired guests! They also have snow-cone machine rentals; everyone likes snow-cones! The machine comes with a good amount of cups and flavored syrup so truly all you have to worry about it having a good time. Speaking of equipment, they also offer chair, table, and generator rentals. It’s just another thing off of your plate to not have to worry about bringing to your own party. Generators are great for any number of things, and some parks require that you have one to have an inflatable out, that’s something that you are required to check out yourself and plan for!

Choosing a reliable company for inflatable needs

Jump & laugh is your source for all of your inflatable needs, but they’re also more than that. That’s their main business but it’s also important to note that they’ll rent you just about any and everything you may need for your party. From popcorn to water slides, they’ve got it all! Their main goal is providing a fun and safe experience for all those in our area at an affordable price so that it’s acceptable to all. And they also know that adults like to go out and have fun with inflatables just as much as any kid may. Check out bounce house rental Raleigh NC for more information.

They’re fully licensed and insured, you can always count on a clean and safe experience with them. They even handle every step of the set-up and breakdown so you really only have to worry about having fun! It is important that you only rent inflatables from companies that are fully licensed & insured, going with a sub-par company on something like this could end very badly, even with serious injury or worse. A flat bounce house can be dangerous, just as anything else can.